Milwaukee Wedding Photography – Megan + Zach

When Megan and Zach contacted me and in their email told me that they were moving to Colorado after their wedding I was smitten.  As soon as I read that I started day-dreaming about the beginning of my marraige to Bobby and our mountain adventures.  I eagerly wrote back and as we sipped coffee and chatted about their March wedding I knew I just HAD to photograph their wedding day.

We are so glad you two chose us, and can’t wait to share in your day.  ❤

2013-11-02_0013 2013-11-02_0014 2013-11-02_0015 2013-11-02_0016 2013-11-02_0017 2013-11-02_0018 2013-11-02_0019 2013-11-02_0020 2013-11-02_0021 2013-11-02_0022 2013-11-02_0023 2013-11-02_0024 2013-11-02_0025 2013-11-02_0026 2013-11-02_0027

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