Happy Christmas-Winter Family Vacation to Colorado: Part 1

Happiest of Holidays to you and your families from the Winter Clan! We believe that love, and family are so important. With that theme in mind, we have spent the last year planning and preparing for a family trip across the country! You may have seen some of our adventures on my Instagram, if not make sure to follow me so you can see all the fun we are having!!

Bobby and I have family in Montrose, Colorado. On the gorgeous Western Slopes!  We packed our van and our three little munchkins to head out the week before Christmas.   Getting back to basics while we relax with family.

We have spent days eating delicious breakfasts like these:

*Note, grandpa has been face-timing and phone chatting about Co-Co Puffs Cereal with my girls for the last 4 months.  To say that this was one of the highlights of their trip here is putting it mildly!*

Nikki Winter Photo Nikki Winter Photo

We’ve been spending the days playing outside in the Rocky Mountain air and playing with our Cray-Z-Loom!  So much fun!

Nikki Winter PhotoNikki Winter PhotoNikki Winter Photo

Our evenings are filled with giggles, games with grandpa and, of course, chocolate ice cream!

Nikki Winter PhotoNikki Winter Photo

We are enjoying our time away, and spending the Holiday Season with those we love the most.  The final leg of our journey allows for more R&R and the photographing of some long-lost friends we get to be reunited with!  I can’t wait!

May your holiday season be filled with love, family, friends and many amazing memories!

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