Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks–The Engagement Session

Are you newly engaged?!  CONGRATS GURRLLL!!!  I know there is LOTS to think about right now and engagement photos may not be on that list.  I want to tell you why they should  be!

1. Getting engagement photos allows you to get to know your photographer.  It also allows them to get to know you.  Getting your photo taken isn’t all gumdrops and glitter, (although I like to think it’s that easy!) but the reality is it can be uncomfortable. You deffinatley want to get all that out of the way BEFORE your wedding day.  Learning how we will interact with you as a couple  is super important, so you know how the flow of your wedding photography will go.      

2.Engagment photos are some of the last “dressed down” photos you will have together before you are husband and wife.  Wedding photos are AWESOME.  I love nothing more than bridal canvases hanging in your home, but having photos of the two of you not  in wedding garb is just as important.  You are more than a bride, you are a lover of swings, cotton candy and long walks with your puppy Henry.  You love to laugh over a beer and have a picnic in the park.  Document that!!  It’s who you are and that should be celebrated!

3. They are SUPER fun!!  I know I love spending time with my clients, and many of my couples take this opportunity to take a date night!  One of the best times to take photographs “golden hour” right before the sun starts to set.  It makes for beautiful photos and a perfect time to head  to dinner and movie!  Make your engagement photos an experience to remember!
Engagement photo Nikki Winter

Are you still on the fence about getting engagement photos taken?  Let’s chat more about it.  My heart fills with joy when I get to hear about another love story, so send me an email at!

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