The importance of photography on your wedding day

I love meeting with perspective wedding clients.  They are always so full of excitement, a little nervous and the dreams for their wedding day at the tips of their fingers.  In earlier years, I would hear things like “I want affordable photography” and “You must have a really nice camera”  And in reality, I do have a nice camera and everyone wants affordable vendors for their wedding. 

But now as I sit down with brides and grooms, mothers of the bride and grandmas, I hear things like “Photography is such an important investment”  and “I see how you capture the LOVE in each couples’ photographs….we want that too”  Every detail of the wedding day from shoes to flowers, “chicken or beef” to ties or bowties, shows who you are as a couple and the many hours and days of planning.  But the cake gets eaten, the dress gets pressed and stored away and family and friends go home.  The one thing you have to remember your wedding day–all the laughter and happy tears, the way your dad hugged you a little longer as you came down the aisle–are the photographs.

Ceramony Photo

My dream is for everyone to look back at their wedding photos and be swept back into the moment, reliving all the happiness and love your day had.  Don’t be afraid to invest in your memories, because they are worth it.

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