Brittany + Erik Engagement Session

When I met Brittany and Erik over coffee (what else?!) we hit if off right away!  These two are sweet, fun and just too cute for words!  Their June wedding is just around the corner and I am so excited to see these guys get hitched!!

Thanks for such an awesome session, you guys!  You totally ROCKED it! 😉

2014-03-30_0001 2014-03-30_0002 2014-03-30_0003 2014-03-30_0004 2014-03-30_0005 2014-03-30_0006 2014-03-30_0007 2014-03-30_0008 2014-03-30_0009 2014-03-30_0010 2014-03-30_0011 2014-03-30_0012 2014-03-30_0013 2014-03-30_0014

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