Moments and a little thing called your wedding

In a frenzy of tulle and glitter and sparkle you realize you are getting MARRIED.  Like for real, tie the knot, life long best friend awesomeness MARRIED.

And then, the anxiety hits.

Girl, you are normal.  Take a deep breath and let me share a few tips to help you really enjoy every moment.


Nikki Winter Photography photo

Tip 1. Let it gooooo (insert cute little cartoon girls singing…..and you’re welcome) Seriously though, let it GO.  You have planned and pinned and made lists and beautiful DIY centerpieces.  All you need to do now is sit back, love on your family and friends and get married.

Tip 2.  Pin less.  I know.  I said it.  Put the laptop down and step away.  Pinterest is an amazing tool for us to see what you like.  Do you love backlit field goodness?  Would your dream wedding take place in a modern city venue?  AWESOME.  We love to know what makes you, you.  However we are here to photograph YOUR day and YOUR moments, not theirs.  Let us make Pinterest worthy photos that lots of other brides will pin for their wedding inspiration!

Tip 3. Be present.  Just be.  Watch your dad busting a move with grandma and just look at your man.  Really look.  He’s your best friend after all.  Listen to your family and friends gush over your beauty, and hug everyone a little tighter.  Laugh harder then you thought possible, cry a little and be.  Eat delicious appetizers and toast to your new life chapter.

And don’t you worry because these things, these moments, are what will make your wedding day picture-perfect.

Nikki Winter Photography Photo

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