Q+A Wednesday | a little about Nikki from Nikki Winter Photography


Hey Y’all!  I am so very excited to be launching our first ever Q+A Wednesday!  I will be answering all those questions you are dying to know (like if I wear matching socks and who our favorite vendors are here at NWP!)

First up is a little about me!!!

Nikki WInter Photo

(*Photo Cred the awesome Laura Zastrow Photography*)

Q: What is your favorite thing in the whole world?

A: I have many favorite things. My husband and kids are pretty awesome and I love getting my nails painted! I love glitter and coffee and feathers.  OOOoooo and sushi.  I love me some sushi.

Q: What is something someone may not know about you?

A: I do not like wet feet.  For real.  I hate when I step on that random drip from the sink and my feet and or sock gets wet.  WORST. THING. EVER!!  ( Does this make me weird?  There has to be someone else out there on the interwebz who feels the same…. )

Q:What would be your ideal place to photograph?

A: This is a HARD one.  I love all kinds of places–city, country it doesn’t matter.  Glitter and sparkle are my all time favorites to incorporate into a shoot, so we could be anywhere and as long as we got sparkle I’d be over the moon!

Do you have something you are dying to know about me, our business or BOBBY?! 😉  He’s up next week so if you are just itching to know more about anything leave us a comment and we may answer your Q+A on the next blog!


2 thoughts on “Q+A Wednesday | a little about Nikki from Nikki Winter Photography

  1. What a great idea! I love getting to know people, and you and Bobby are always so great and personal! So here’s a fun question – If you could throw any kind of party (expense not being an issue) what would it look like and what would it be for?

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