Q+A Wednesday | A little about Bobby from Nikki Winter Photography

It’s that time of the week again!!  Q+A Wednesday!  Today we feature BOBBY!  I always joke that you all  meet me first because if you like me, you will love him.  Let’s just be real.  It’s true.  We all love Bobby!

He’s my helper, best friend and light connoisseur.  He’s funny and attentive and is for sure my better half.   IMG_8755Q: What’s your favorite part about photographing weddings? 

A: Other than hanging out with awesome people all day? There are so many sweet things about being part of photographing a wedding day: I get to work with Nikki all day! You get the chance to make your imagination become reality, if I can think of a picture we make it happen!

Q:  What’s something not everyone knows about you?
A:  My Grandpa Blazek got me my first film camera when I was twelve for my birthday. I used to camouflage myself, hide in the ditch by the highway we lived by and take pictures of cool cars as they go by. I also would sit by our pond and wait for hours till geese and ducks landed and would swim close to enough to take pictures of!
Q:  If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go?
A:  I guess it depends on who I am with!!! By myself: I would totally go to Siberia… I have always rumored of going there. My hot wife: A very long cruise somewhere in the Caribbean…. the perfect couples vacation. The whole Fam: I would love to take our girls to Orlando and take them to Sea World or Universal!
As always, if there is something you are itching to know, have a vendor you’d like to ask questions to or have anything you’d like us to post about make sure to leave us a comment and swing by on Wednesdays to see if you question was featured!


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