Kevin + Natalie | Engaged

Last time we saw these two it was a LOT colder out!!  ( ) But this time we met and enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL summer night, with laughs and lots of love all around.

Natalie and Kevin, we ALWAYS enjoy hanging out with you two and cannot wait for your October wedding!!!


2014-08-12_0002 2014-08-12_0003 2014-08-12_0004 2014-08-12_0005 2014-08-12_0006 2014-08-12_0007 2014-08-12_0008 2014-08-12_0009 2014-08-12_0010









9 thoughts on “Kevin + Natalie | Engaged

  1. Absolutely beautiful. They are all wonderful, but my favorite is the very last one on the bridge at night. (Or with awesome lighting, I’m not sure?). Love them!

  2. Awesome pictures…….beautiful couple great work. Love them bunches hope they get that 11×16 they deserve it 🙂

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