Becky & Noah | Engaged

I had such a wonderful time at Becky and Noah’s Wauwatosa Wisconsin Engagement session!  These two are just the cutest together and we can’t wait to be their wedding photographers next fall!

wauwatosa engagment session 2014-10-06_0012 2014-10-06_0013 2014-10-06_0014 2014-10-06_0015 2014-10-06_0016 2014-10-06_0017 2014-10-06_0018 2014-10-06_0019 2014-10-06_0020 2014-10-06_0021 2014-10-06_0022 2014-10-06_0023 2014-10-06_0024

4 thoughts on “Becky & Noah | Engaged

  1. Becky and Noah are a true picture of true love. they are a beautiful couple and have such a beautiful little family. the wedding pictures are going to be sooo awesome!!!!! i wish them all the happiness in there lives together.

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