A little bit of our heart

I’m going to be completely raw and open with you all right now. I’ve had this on my heart for a while but want to share something with you.

This job. It’s HARD. We are emotionally invested every step of the way, from meeting you, to getting hired and the process until image and product delivery.  We are entrepreneurs who have a passion.  There are bills and  imperfect days.

There are arguments and dirty laundry piles and struggles, just like anyone has.  We have three kids.  Bobby works a 40+hour a week job in addition to photography.  We are involved in church.  And cats.  We have two of them (who we like to do little voices for–but that should be a different conversation).  We like to go out on a date night now and then, and our cars break down sometimes.  We get sick and have dance classes and meetings and school plays.

So now, don’t be fooled by all our Facebook life- awesomeness.  😉

But the reality is we are so humbled and honored to do this, and to know each of you.

Milwaukee Family Photos Kara Reese Phtography
When we deliver your images, and you smile, and whisper happy things to each other and tear up…..you guys. This makes it all worth every cranky-no-coffee-computer-wont-start-too-many-email (you fill in the blank) day.

So with that, with October coming to an end and our busy-can’t-see-straight season coming to a close, we thank you.

THANK you. Thank you for every referral, every review, every hug and happy tear. We pour ourselves into this job and don’t take a second of it lightly. Thank you for being our clients, our friends and our supporters. YOU and your family and friends, make this all so wonderfully awesome.

**Photo Cred: the amazing KARA REESE PHOTOGRAPHY**

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