Pro-Tip: The First look

I am a firm believer that your day should reflect you.  You in all your wonderful glory.  I try not to push anything on my NWP clients, but give guidance when I feel there are things that have come up with past clients and may be helpful to you.

SO, Pro-Tip’s was born!

Today I really want to touch on the first look.  So many clients ask about this and I feel there is certainly pros for it!


Food for thought:

~If you are getting married in the fall and winter months in Wisconsin, you may want to consider a first look.  While Bobby and I are completely comfortable shooting inside, or after dark, getting photos done in daylight (even if its cloudy) is much softer and natural looking then yellow ballroom lighting.

~If you are worried about your timeline at all, for any reason including but not limited to : travel, the amount of time in between dinner and your ceremony, weather (etc) you may want to consider a first look.  Getting photos done beforehand allows the stress of getting it all done after to go away.  Bonus?  If we run behind then we still have some wiggle room after to wrap it all up!

~If you are nervous about the walk down the isle, or know seeing each other before hand will make (one or both of you) feel at ease maybe you should do a first look.  MANY of my brides aren’t the attention seeking kind.  They want the moment they see one another to be just for them and haven’t regretted it!  Bonus? If you are little emotional *heck, I will be emotional!* there is time for a makeup retouch, and quick drink to calm yourself before the vows.

~If you want the first time you see each other to be uninterrupted (no cellphones getting the ugly cry) or you prefer to take a moment alone the first look might be for  you.  Guys.  This day goes by FAST.  So taking a moment to SEE each other, is awesome. You took all this time planning together, picking colors and your attendants and which song you will dance to.  Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy each other during the day? ( I find the couples who don’t do a first look, the first time they really get to connect, alone, is the first dance.  )

Have no fear, if you decide to forgo seeing each other before your ceremony, your day is sure to be just as lovely!

So there you have it folks.  My take on the first look.  Brides and Grooms, what do you think?!  Have you done one?  Would you consider one?  Leave a comment below!  We love to know what you think!

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