Lauren + Dan | The Club at Strawberry Creek WI wedding

Lauren + Dan.  I don’t even know where to start! It is always so bitter-sweet when wedding days come and go, because we have had such an amazing time getting to know you!  From our first meeting, to sunny, beach  engagement sessions and your gorgeous wedding– it has been an honor to share your story!

Lauren and Dan’s Strawberry Creek wedding was elegant and truly lived up to her enchanted forrest dreams with some of the most lovely details.  The bridesmaids looked AMAZING in their floral dresses and the ceremony had laughter, tears and even a special tree planting with “Bruce the Spruce”.  From surprise visits from the brides brother (who welcomed a son that MORNING!) to speeches filled with love and pride the day was absolutely perfect!

Thanks for sharing it with us, you two.  It was an honor.




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