Nicki + Vince | Florian Park Wedding Germantown WI

Nicki and Vince got married on a rainy, cold, perfect day.  The day was full of love, happy tears, sad tears and precious memories.  Back in January Nicki’s dad unexpectedly passed away.  While this family and their friends missed him dearly, they honored him, and included him in so many parts of the day.  These two loved hard, laughed lots and kicked major butt in the rain!  And let me tell you, it was a HOPPIN’ party with this crew!

Thank you Nicki and Vince, for including us in your day at Florian Park.  It was so beautiful, and so much fun!   We were honored to be there with you.

The other vendors who made this day so special:  Amelishan Bridal |  Men’s Wearhouse  | Lumen Christi Catholic Church  |  Florian Park |  Petals | Bee’s Bakery |




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