Pritzlaff Wedding | Lauren + Brett

I met Lauren and Brett over a FaceTime meeting and we hit it off right away!  These guys are fun, totally in love and have an amazing family and group of friends who surrounded them on their wedding day.  This group traveled from near and far to watch Lauren and Brett tie the knot at the Pritzlaff in Milwaukee WI.  The rustic, chic backdrop of this venue was a GORGEOUS choice for the day!

Not only do these guys know how to have some fun, the dance floor was ROCKIN’. ( Let me just say, I may need some salsa lessons after watching this group! )  Thank you guys, for sharing your day with us!  It was an honor to get to know you and your wonderful family and friends.  May your lives together be filled with adventure, love and laughter.


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When you surround yourself with the people you love most, it makes for an amazing first dance ❤

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Dress: Miss Ruby’s Bridal boutique / Ceremony + Reception: Pritzlaff / Florist: Belle Fiori / Cake: Baked Custom Desserts / Planner: Nicole Peck /         DJ: Sound By Design / Hair + Makeup: Via Vici + Melissa Guss / Food : Lee John’s Catering / Photographer Nikki Winter Photography

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