Abigail + Kale | Germantown Engagement Session

Abigail and Kale are so sweet and we hit it off right from the start!  We are so pumped to photograph their October 2017 wedding!  Enjoy part one of these guys, part two we include the kiddos!! CANNOT wait!!


nwp-abigail-kale-1 nwp-abigail-kale-5 nwp-abigail-kale-8 nwp-abigail-kale-16 nwp-abigail-kale-19 nwp-abigail-kale-24 nwp-abigail-kale-28 nwp-abigail-kale-31 nwp-abigail-kale-38 nwp-abigail-kale-43 nwp-abigail-kale-50 nwp-abigail-kale-64 nwp-abigail-kale-66 nwp-abigail-kale-70 nwp-abigail-kale-76 nwp-abigail-kale-78

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