Farmland Wedding | Delafield WI || Emily + Erik

Emily and Erik got married on a rainy August day, but the rain didn’t keep them down!  These two and their perfect, intimate north-woods-prairie inspired wedding was beautiful! (Spoiler alert: we were even graced by some sun!)  Emily + Erik surrounded themselves with their closest family and friends and said their vows and “I do’s” cozied together in a sweet barn.  Their rustic, candle-lit reception was so sweet, filled with cookies (and milk!!) an AMAZING spread of BBQ and home cooking and the most adorable cow-cake toppers I have ever seen.  Ending the day with a peek of sun, and their impromptu first dance under the pines–well–  I can’t wait to show you these any longer, so be sure to check out their day below!

Congratulations Emily + Erik!  Thanks again for letting us share your day with you!



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