Retzer Nature Center Winter Engagement Session | Jenna + Brian

Ohhh my goodness. Jenna and Brian are so sweet.  We go WAYYY back with Jenna (like, think side pony tails, 90’s clothes and passing notes in science class back) and meeting her guy was so fun.  We are super stoked to be photographing their fall wedding next year and had to kick off the goodness with part one of their engagement session!  We were all hoping for a little snow, but the goodness oozed all over even with out the flurries!  Thanks for coming out you two, and braving the cold!

nwp-jenna-brian-1 nwp-jenna-brian-2 nwp-jenna-brian-3 nwp-jenna-brian-4 nwp-jenna-brian-5 nwp-jenna-brian-6 nwp-jenna-brian-7 nwp-jenna-brian-8 nwp-jenna-brian-9 nwp-jenna-brian-10 nwp-jenna-brian-11 nwp-jenna-brian-12 nwp-jenna-brian-13 nwp-jenna-brian-14 nwp-jenna-brian-15 nwp-jenna-brian-16 nwp-jenna-brian-17 nwp-jenna-brian-18 nwp-jenna-brian-19 nwp-jenna-brian-20 nwp-jenna-brian-21 nwp-jenna-brian-22 nwp-jenna-brian-23 nwp-jenna-brian-24 nwp-jenna-brian-25 nwp-jenna-brian-27 nwp-jenna-brian-28 nwp-jenna-brian-29 nwp-jenna-brian-30 nwp-jenna-brian-31 nwp-jenna-brian-32



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