St Sava Serbian Orthodox Catherdral | Hilton City Center Milwaukee Wi Wedding | Ali + Stefan

I don’t even know where to begin with these guys!  When I met Ali and Stefan I felt an instant connection.  They are sweet, genuine and AMAZING people!  I had such a great time visiting with them over coffee and chatting about their wedding!  I was so stoked when they decided to have us photograph their day.  It was phenomenal.  They started the day at Ali’s childhood home in Illinois, surrounded by family and friends. It sprinkled a little bit of good luck on them and then the sun came out just in time for guests to arrive!   The party then moved to Milwaukee, WI.  They had their ceremony at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral and it was GORGEOUS!  As they exited they were showered with coins, symbolizing the sharing of good luck and fortune.  The party kept on and the  night was full of amazing food, laughter and so much dancing!


Thank you Ali + Stefan for choosing us to share your gorgeous wedding day with you!  It was awesome!


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