Why we do “Friday Favorites” | Get to know us

Hey Guys!  Welcome back to the blog!  I really wanted to start a series called “Get to know us” so you could learn about who we are, why we do the crazy stuff we do and to really see if you think we would be a great fit for each other! (Like on-line dating with out the swiping and the awkward blind dates! 😉 )

Way back when, when we dove into wedding photography we always wanted to be true to ourselves.  We still feel that wedding photos are one of the best investments you can make, and we want(ed) to be more than a company who had a name, posted sometimes on social media and who you wrote a check to.  We wanted to invest in you just as you were us.  We want you to really KNOW us when we show up on your wedding day!  So today, in our first “get to know us” post I want to talk about Friday Favorites!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s a fun little game we play on Friday’s over at Nikki Winter Photography on Facebook.  (Click HERE to see some of the fun!) Loser buys dinner so make sure to play because it’s not always fair Bobby buys! (Ha, I kid.  He has pulverized me MANY times!)

**Behind the scenes** We talk about what we want to show you guys-some pretty details, couples photos, prep….all different parts of the day and then we find our favorites.  We like to mix it up sometimes too and show our engagement sessions off!  Aside from us being kind of competitive, we really want to show you guys different parts of the day, what our flow looks like and what images from each of us may look like!

Part of our crazy personalities is the *teeny* fact that we are a little competitive.  Lucky for you this works out in your favor! We always want the best, most authentic images for your wedding. We have found that our couples are just as fun and silly as we are, and figured they’d like a sneak into our office while we–ahem LOVINGLY- bicker over who has the best image and who would love the images we loved best.  Thus, Friday Favorites was born!

We would love to see you join in the fun, be sure to swing on by on Fridays and leave your favorites for us!


Nikki +Bobby



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