Where does our passion come from?! | Get to know us

Hey guys!  Welcome back to the blog!

Today I wanted to chat with you about where our passion for this job comes from.  This is one of our most asked questions at a consult, and for good reason.  While we absolutely LOVE our job, just like any job it’s not always easy.  We have a family (4 kiddos actually, three beautiful girls and our little guy who joined us in February!) and working lots of nights and weekends can be hard. BUT.  There is a passion that comes from deep within our hearts.  ( I know, sappy right?!) For real though, let me tell you a little about us and our story!


Bobby and I are high school sweet hearts, and got married young (21!! HELLO, BABIES!) and there was lots of things about our wedding day that just wasn’t a priority.  Party bus–what’s that?!  First look–say whaaa?!  We knew we *needed* photos.  And we have photos.  But there are things we just didn’t care about (being all creative and stuff, or an album, because HELLO uncool.  Old people have albums. ) However, I am old now.  HA.  I have kids now that I am sure would love to page through an album, or see more of the day than we cared to photograph ourselves.  I didn’t think it was important to get photos of me getting into my dress, or of our cocktail hour.  We also got married before Facebook was really a thing (anyone remember Myspace?!  GAHH) and digital cameras were just an item people started to have. I am so thankful I have family and friends who had those fancy digital cameras otherwise we wouldn’t have half the images we do!!

Here we are today, in a whirlwind of digital files, insta-stories and Snapchat.  Its AMAZING and such a treat to have that all at our fingertips!  We come to your wedding though, as if from the past.  We bring with us bride-nikki and groom-bobby.  We come and photograph your day the ways we would want you to see it in the future.  We are driven by our experiences and things that we wish now, we had.  Details of the centerpieces my mom helped me pick out.  Photos of the flowers Bobby’s aunts made for us.  Silly photos of my bridesmaids and my mom and sister while we got our hair done.  Bobby thinks about how he wanted to look like a bad-ass, because you FEEL like it.  You’re getting married to that girl you love, you’re all dressed up, surrounded by your favorite people.

This is who we bring with us every wedding.  This is what we’re thinking about while you slip on your dress, drink a beer with your buddies and toast to each other in the party bus.  We want you to flip open that album with your future kiddos, and be taken back to dancing barefoot on the sticky dance floor, feel his lips on your ear as he whispered how stunning you look when he saw you for the first time, in that gown you love so much.  We want you to feel grandmas hand on yours as she admires your ring, and remember just how hard your dad squeezed your arm when he gave you away.

So, that’s why we do what we do!  I hope you are enjoying these getting to know us posts, we love sharing our hearts with you!

xoxo-Nikki + Bobby





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