Melinda + Dan Engaged

Melinda and Dan are just so sweet, and we had a wonderful time at their Madison Wisconsin Engagement Session!

They put up with the freezing cold (it doesn’t look like it’s below 30* here! Great acting guys!) and we took some adorable photos! We can’t wait to be a part of your 2015 Wedding!

2015-01-16_0001 2015-01-16_0002 2015-01-16_0003 2015-01-16_0004 2015-01-16_0005 2015-01-16_0006 2015-01-16_0007 2015-01-16_0008 2015-01-16_0009 2015-01-16_0013 2015-01-16_0010 2015-01-16_0012 2015-01-16_0014 2015-01-16_0015 2015-01-16_0016 2015-01-16_0017 2015-01-16_0018 2015-01-16_0019

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