Nikki + Mitch | Blue Harbor Resort WI Wedding

Nikki and Mitch tied the knot on a rainy October day but that didn’t stop these guys from having an AMAZING day.  They surrounded themselves with family and friends who filled the day with laughter and jokes, happy tears and well wishes.  Their intimate ceremony was moved inside due to the drizzly day but it added warmth and laughter to the ceremony no one expected but that made the day that much sweeter.  Pair all this with an AWESOME father-daughter (and BRIDESMAIDS) dance and a dance floor that was hoping the day was absolutely perfect.

Thank you Nikki + Mitch for including us in your day.  It was lovely.

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A Huge Thanks to these awesome vendors who helped make the day so rockin’: 
Dress: Bliss Bridal / Tux: Bachrach / Ceremony + Reception : Blue Harbor Resort / Florist: Bloom / DJ: Personal Touch DJ

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