Pro-Tip | The ceremony location and your photos

Hey guys!  Today on Pro-Tips I want to chat with you about your ceremony locations.

If you think about it, about 40% of your wedding day is photographed at your CEREMONY location.

I know many of you will get married in a church which is awesome.  If you don’t have a home church and are searching for a location, I would suggest a few things to help your ceremony photos:

~Pick a building with lots of windows in the ceremony site.


~Check out the church’s bridal prep rooms if you are getting dressed at the church.  If you are in the basement with no windows and toys/papers on the walls it makes it hard to make it look glamorous (hard–but not impossible 😉 )   **Side-note:If you don’t have any other options considering where you’re getting ready, if you’re flexible we can always find somewhere else (lobby, another room etc) to photograph your prep!**

Madison Wisconsin Wedding photographer Madison Club A+A-34

~Don’t be afraid to ask what the decor will be on your wedding date.  Sometimes churches hold specific services  during holidays and other times of the year, and if you’re looking for something free of advertisements, signage etc it can help to know what to expect.   You can also plan ahead for backdrops and decor this way as well.


If you aren’t getting married in a church or open to an outdoor ceremony, keep a few things in mind:

~If you face your guests, it not only allows them to see your face, and enjoy your emotions along with you, it will give you photos of your faces, instead of the backs of your head.

~Consider the time of year you’re getting married and where the sun will be.  This will help squinty photos.  (Bonus, if you have to have your ceremony outside and mid-day, sunglasses and paper fans are an adorable ceremony favor!)

Milwaukee Wisconsin Wedding photographer Milford Hills Hunt Club Wedding J+B-91

Ok!  I think that’s it on the ceremony!  Just remember, beautiful wedding photos aren’t just for the couples shots! ❤

And remember, we are prepared for photos in any situation….light, dark, rain, sun, snow.  We just want to share our advice to help your planning go as smoothly as possible!

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