Madison WI Union Terrace Engagement | Kristi + Jake

Kristi and Jake are ah-MAZING.  Like, laugh till you cry, lay in the middle of the sidewalk because  I ask them to, buy us bubble tea awesome.  (Oh, and if you don’t know what bubble tea is, don’t worry because I had no idea either, but it’s fantastic and I’m kinda obsessed!)

We spent a warm day in Madison WI at the Union Terrace, laughing, getting to know one another and taking some really adorable photos.  It was so fun to end the day at Sencha Tea Bar.  Not only did we get to try our first ever bubble tea, it’s one of their favorite treat spots!

We can’t wait for their August rooftop wedding at Monona Terrace this summer!


k+j-3 k+j-57

k+j-59 k+j-61

Below is the “Hey guys, will you please lay in this random pile of grass on the sidewalk I have an idea….?!” Photo. Sometimes, it’s good to trust my crazy ideas! 😉 )k+j-69 k+j-78 k+j-84 k+j-12 k+j-22 k+j-33 k+j-41 k+j-47


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