Allison + Brendon | Menomonee Falls WI Davian’s Wedding

Bobby and I went to high school with Allison, and we LOVE it when we get to see some faces from way back when, and when we get to hear their love stories.  Even better is when we get to meet the special people in their lives and document the newest chapter in their adventure together.  Allison and Brendon have such amazing family and friends.  Their day was surrounded by people who love them so much, and who couldn’t wait to party with these two!  Full of happy tears, lots of laughter and a beautiful outdoor ceremony their September wedding was PERFECT.  Congratulations you two on your wedding, we wish you a lifetime of love and blessings.


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Dress: Stone Manor Bridal / Ceremony: Davians / Florist: Jess Fleur Fun / Cake: Sweet Spot / Food-Catering: Davians / DJ: Carter DJ Entertainment / PhotoBooth: Shutter Booth

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